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Doug E. Berg

Joyce Staley

  Artist Statement

I paint mostly the scenes here in the Midwest.  I love the changing seasons that we have here.  It is hard to imagine anything more beautiful then our earth.  It provides for all the canvas's that I could ever fill in my lifetime.  It keeps me absorbed with learning more about it.  Many times it is a discovery of the things that have went unnoticed.  It's an understanding, a feeling and in the end becomes a painting.  If I could truly express it all in words I would be a poet/writer.  So my words are translated for you with a paint brush.


Artist Statement

Born in Wisconsin there were unlimited resources
to paint.  Whether I am in the woods, on a lake, or in a field, I am always searching for the next painting, something as simple as a rock or a clump of grass that may inspire an idea.  Sometimes one location will have all the elements for a painting.  Other times, I draw from my imaginaltion.  We all have different talents to offer.  My job is to take some paint, canvas and brushes, put it all together in the form of a painting as a constant reminder of all the beauty that is all around and can be taken for granted.  I hope that you enjoy my work and the work of other artists.  But most important, I hope you enjoy our earth.  Remember, it can't be easily restored so I ask that you walk with a lighter touch.

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